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ZARA INTERIORS dining room designs with elite touches represent its designers creativity that will add glitter and luxury to your home.

Dining room design blended with modern style, classic and contemporary lines, different color combinations into fine lines will bring fresh air into your house.

Smooth, useful, and extendable dining interiors provide convenience ambiance during enjoyable family or friends gathering.

What We Do

We have been present in the market for over 16 years, and our experienced team brings together a complete solution for your business and marketing needs.

Zara Interiors LLC deals with all sorts of branding, interior and unique products / services to help your company or lifestyle grow in multiple ways.

our 15,000 Square meter premises and reliable man powers. Below are the services we offer.

Villa Entrance Interior Design

The entrance is focal point, which will give the first impression to your visitors even
before they enter your home.

To maximize the impact that it will have on your guests that goes through your home,
you need to make sure that your villa entrance design is unusual.

But to do that, you need to have the best interior design company and we are here to help you with.

We will help you find the excellent entrance project for your villa by presenting you
with beautiful designs and execution of entrance interiors

One Stop Solution

ZARA INTERIORS is a One-Stop Solution

View our Projects and discover stylish interior designs for your home.

We, at ZARA INTERIORS, our masters of creating a perfect synergy between color, space, pattern, texture, form, light and line to design the space of your dreams.

ZARA INTERIORS has been helping its clients' to fulfill their dreams without compromising on luxury, style and beauty.

ZARA, Interior Design Company in Dubai, is specialized in providing elegant and stunning interior design services for both residential and commercial projects.
We turn our clients’ dreams into reality, translating their tastes and needs into beautiful and functional spaces.
ZARA INTERIOS is a full-service interior design company providing luxury interior design and home decor services.
Our services include interior design, architecture, landscape and fit-outs for both residential and commercial units.

Family Sitting Room

Family sitting oom design can promote family togetherness!

Living room today have become less functional and more formal, but the family room.
watching movies or to just relax after long working day and strength the boundaries.

What ever your style — At ZARA INTERIORS we have beautiful design and decoration
projects for your fabulous family room.

From classic style to contemporary, ZARA INTERIORS offer variety of styles blended with functionality in family sitting room design and reflects luxury and refinement with its high-quality plans and projects.


The right bathroom interior design can completely change the look and perception of the bathroom.
The interior of the bathroom harmoniously reflects the concept and style of the house.
We combine modern technology with contemporary, classic, traditional styles.
Our designers can create magnificent interiors that use the best materials,panel paintings, and fine furniture for the luxury bathroom.

Bespoke Furniture

ZARA INTERIORS is a perfect choice for your custom furniture needs

Our Services


Interior Design


Interior Turn-Key projects


Joinery / Carpentry


Metal fabrication


Mirrors – Glass and Aluminum


Antique Finishes – Copper – Brass Fabrication


CNC Laser / Waterjet Cutting


CNC Wood Carving and Router Cutting


Natural / Artificial Marble & Granite


Special Finishes – Electroplating , Powder coating , PVDF coating.


Custom Made furniture


All sorts of Graphic Design


Full stationery printing


Print on any material option




Exhibition stands & Kiosks


Gift items


Unique Products